Missing Meg

Posted Jan 4, 2022 by Mandy Cohara

Meg was so easy to love, and she left quite a hole in our lives. While we surround ourselves with happy memories, we are comforted by the loving people rallying around us. Thank you. Brent did everything to take care of my sister. I hope that we can take care of him now. If you can provide a meal, it would give Brent and the girls more time to enjoy life and focus on healing. Beyond grateful, Mandy (Meg's sister)


Best support system ever!

Posted Aug 22, 2021 by Mandy Cohara

"The people who give you their food give you their heart." — Cesar Chavez The Boyers are beyond grateful for the support and love you've given them over the years. It's a busy time of year for any young family. Avery and Brynn are back in school, staying busy with activities and friends. And Meg and Brent are often meeting with doctors--locally and in Florida. I know they would appreciate having some meals delivered. Sign up if you can, and keep your prayers coming. So much gratitude, Mandy Meg's sister


Meals for Meg!

Posted Oct 5, 2020 by Mandy Cohara

Hello, lovely people. Meg and Brent are so grateful for your unending support. Their girls are back in school and activities, and Meg is working hard to get stronger. I know it would be helpful if they had one less meal to think about each week. I am adding some dates to the Meal Train calendar. I hope you will help nourish this family that means so much to me. Because of COVID, it has to be a non-contact drop off. The Boyers will put a cooler on their front porch. If you're not comfortable delivering food, we understand; send prayers instead! Thank you so much. Mandy Cohara (Meg's sister)


Round Two!

Posted Feb 27, 2019 by Mandy Cohara

Meg finished her first round of chemo and radiation in January! She wanted to celebrate this milestone by having dinner at Casa Bonita! Meg knew the best reward for her dedication was to see Avery and Brynn smile. (And those sopapillas are pretty tasty!) The Boyers are so appreciative of the love and support they have received from their family, friends, and community. The meals kept Meg going strong and allowed her to focus on her health. She is getting ready to start her next round of chemotherapy this week. I know they would appreciate any meals as they move into the next stages of the fight. Meg is still working full time, so I'd like to fill her evenings with nutritious food and time with her girls. I hope you can help. Thank you!!

The Boyer Family