Denise Carroll

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Over the last year or so, Denise has had problems with Sciatic nerve pain in her leg and back. She has visited several medical professionals and therapists to diagnose and treat the issue. In the last 6 months, Denise was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had to make the decision to give up her dream to be a flower farmer. After physical therapy, she regained normal function and was pain free for a time. In the last few months, Denise's pain has returned and has brought a little friend. This time, with the pain in her back & leg, came numbness and loss of normalcy. Denise has been sticking very close to home and has been unable to be in any position without pain. She hasn't been able to cook, clean, or run errands in the ways she use to. She went back to the Physical Therapist and they developed a plan to help relieve her pain, but were concerned about the numbness she was feeling. She made an appointment to see her doctor and was referred to specialists where they found a bulging disc that was putting pressure on her Cauda equina nerve roots. The effects of long term pressure on this nerve group can be severe. Next Monday, December 21st, Denise will be undergoing surgery to remove the part of the disc that is putting pressure on those nerves and causing all the pain and numbness. Her recovery will be 4-6 weeks and will require her to severely limit her movements. No bending, lifting or twisting. So stay tuned for updates and other ways to help support the Carroll family. The family is rallying together to support her and now it's our turn to lighten the load.

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