Crystal & Vlad

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Crystal is a creative and intellectual dynamo whose life journey has included some health challenges that make it hard for her to have a traditional job. She has been a member of the Lake Travis community for about 20 years. She is witty and loves to read, work puzzles, and spend time with her fiancée, Vlad, and their pets. She is a talented visual artist with a grand vision for her future, including the ways she hopes to use her abilities to serve others in the community. Her budget is tight, Crystal has a severe gluten intolerance, and she is following medical advice on a weight-gain journey so needs to have foods that contain high levels of protein and healthy fats. She and Vlad are great cooks and can whip up some magic when provided with a few fresh ingredients. Instead of delivering a meal, we ask that you use the list provided to select grocery items that total around $25 to deliver so that Crystal and Vlad can prepare nourishing meals that are safe for her to eat. The list includes many items that they like and is meant to guide your shopping. You are NOT being asked to purchase all the items on the list for your delivery.

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