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As most "Long Time Lemonters" are likely aware, Sue and Oscar Little have been pillars of our Lemont community for many decades! Oscar was my daughter's first AYSO coach almost 30 years ago!! I remember Sue holding down the fort at Budnik's every time I walked my kids around the downtown. We would walk in and browse the "Somebody in Lemont Loves You" wear! They were, and are, faces we look forward to crossing paths with in our corner of the world. Sue and Oscar were moving some furniture outside and Sue lost her balance and fell, landing on her hip and breaking it. She had surgery and was released to come home on November 19th. She unfortunately has 12 weeks of rehab and recovery to bear. I told them we would help supply some meals so that Sue can truly put all of her energy into healing, and so Oscar can put all of his into being her nurse, assistant, and support, as he has always been. These would be dinners just for the 2 of them so no large meals are necessary. They are so easy to cook for and have been so very grateful for the assistance and support. Thank you for doing what you can as you are able to help our friends!


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