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Katie is a BRCA1+ gene carrier and is having a preventative DIEP flap double mastectomy w/ reconstruction on September 12th in San Francisco. This year, Katie has already undergone a total hysterectomy and a medically necessary breast lift. Katie will be having surgery at the CPMC Davies Campus and then staying in the hospital for 4-8 days before returning home to recover. For at least six weeks, Katie will be physically limited and it will take close to 6-12 months to be considered fully recovered. To support Katie and Ryan and their kiddos during this physically and emotionally intense time, meals would be greatly welcomed! Also, one of Katie's love languages is quality time. Please call to chat, ask to visit, and/or FaceTime. Maintaining strong relationships with people during this potentially isolating time is so important to her, and having her friends connect in person is even more beneficial to her well-being while she recovers. Another way you can support Katie and Ryan is by driving Katie to San Francisco for post-op appointments. Katie and Ryan would pay for gas and of course yummy snacks and meals for anyone willing to take the time to drive Katie to these post-op appointments. Please contact Katie or Ryan if you can help with any appointments and want more information about dates. You may not know that Katie is taking these steps to prevent cancer from developing; she lost her own mother at a young age due to ovarian cancer. These preventative measures are not easy decisions, and we all hope Katie feels supported with love & care. She is a brave and wonderful person who deserves our support!

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