Meal Train for

Bridges International at San Jose State

Bridges International at San Jose State

About this Meal Train

Bring a meal to international students studying at San Jose State University! This is a practical way to serve internationals and to bless our ministry. Each Friday night, we gather to share a meal and share our lives. Each dinner provides an opportunity to talk to an international student about Christ. What's amazing is that they see His love and generosity even before the conversation begins, because of the dinner and invitation they receive. The dinner opens them up more to hear the Gospel! Please note that although homemade meals are preferred, students are students and will eat anything as long as it is within their dietary restrictions. You can cater it, purchase pre-made meals (like Costco chicken pot pie), or donate money to the ministry specifically to purchase or cook the meals. Feel free to contact Kevin (KP) at if you have any questions.

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