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Mike and Vanetta Stephens and family

Mike and Vanetta Stephens and family

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As most of our friends and family already know, Dad (Mike Stephens) became very suddenly and very seriously ill. It has been determined that he has small call carcinoma involving the colon, liver, and lungs. Also, Dad is in kidney failure and has been for over a week now. Dad also has ongoing sepsis because of injury to the colon from the cancer. Dad is fighting for his life and his loved ones are suporting and fighting with him. We are spending all our available time at the hospital where he is and meals for Mom and the immediate family have become difficult and eating whatever is convenient has become expensive. Several of our family members and friends have asked about a way to help with meals for the family and this was our best idea. Thank you so very much what what some of you have already provided and thank you in advance for what you guys are seeking to help provide. This really is such a huge help to all of us and allows our focus to be on Dad right now. Thank you for all of your help and support and for continuing to keep us all in your prayers!


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