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The Carrasco Family

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Recently, Cleo was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. This has been a huge shock to family and friends alike, because if you know Cleo, she is known for her energy and spunky personality! As a guidance counselor, Cleo has helped countless high school students get to top colleges across the U.S., and she is a dedicated wife and mother to four adult children. She is also currently raising her sweet seven-year-old granddaughter. As many of you know and understand, there are often large out of pocket expenses associated with cancer treatment-- many of them being unanticipated. Right now, Cleo is currently undergoing Chemotherapy on a weekly basis. Providing a warm meal for the Carrasco family will help them to focus on the most important thing-- Cleo's treatment. Please consider providing a meal for the Carrasco family! NOTE** If cooking is not your thing, you can also send restaurant cards, grocery cards, and takeout food! And it is all through the meal train website!

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