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my name is Hugh Cooperman and to give you a brief story as to what happened November 30 at 5:45 AM I was awakened by alarms going off in my house and there was a smoke condition. We were watching our granddaughter while our other granddaughter was being born the day before and the house was basically gutted by fire. I sustained second-degree burns and Pauline and baby made it out without any injury. which point Penndel Middletown Emergency Squad which I had volunteered at for 37 yrs took me to St. Mary medical center I was assessed with second-degree burns to my hands chest shoulder and face and they felt more comfortable shipping me down to Jeffersons hospitals burn center in the city. I spent till December 4th I was discharged at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and came back to our temporary residence in Croydon. My dear brother-in-law said he would put us up as long as we needed. The community has been overwhelmingly gracious and collecting all kinds of money that Pauline and I are extremely extremely grateful for and we will just take one day at a time to rebuild so that is why we are doing the meal train so that instead of people donating money all the time they can donate to something a little more thiughtful,and we can have a good nutritious dinner as many nights as people would like to send them. In closing just want to thank everybody for their generosity at a time like this my wife and I and my children greatly appreciate everything everybody is doing and God willing everything will return to normal.

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