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Those who know me know that my niece is my absolute WORLD! In the early hours of 10/10/21, my niece and her family (mom, mom's boyfriend, his son, their daughter) experienced a flash flood that flowed through their garage and into their basement, inundating their bottom level with 3-4 feet of water. This inundation also caused their oil tank to overturn, rendering EVERYTHING in their basement a loss. They purchased this home within the last month, and the boxes, toys, clothes, furniture, and appliances that had yet to be unpacked are ruined. On top of all of this, insurance is attempting NOT to cover the damage as they do not have flood insurance. Thankfully, they are able to borrow their family's 5th wheel camper trailer to use as temporary housing, however the repairs are expected to take a significant amount of time, and require a significant amount of money to repair the damage and reimburse losses. I created a web page in an attempt to get these guys the things that they need, here --> https://renaissancefarmstead.com/?page_id=1724. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. These meals will help ease some stress and concern in their lives as they prepare to repair and rebuild.

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