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Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kate, on September 24th. On October 14th she suffered a seizure after Perrysburg's match against Maumee, and following test at the hospital it was discovered that she has a brain tumor. Being a new mother is unlike any other experience in anyone's life, it is supposed to be happy, joyful, and maybe learn a few things about parenting along the way. Amanda and Kyle are obviously off to a bit of a different start. Amanda will have surgery Monday, October 25th and if all goes well, she will be home Friday. This meal train is to help take the burden off of them while Amanda is recovering and enjoying snuggles with Kate! If you do not cook, you can donate food gift cards or just prayers for Amanda and her family during this time are greatly appreciated! ❤️🙏🏻 -KB and Katie Varn

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