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Meal Train for

Delnor Hospital Staff

Delnor Hospital Staff

About this Meal Train

Our ER staff are working overtime, many without days off, and this is early in our battle of COVID-19. Let's show they how much we appreciate them! Feel free to get a group together to pay for a meal. This meal sign-up is also to support nurses and physicians caring for patients throughout the hospital and also the many team members.. From the respiratory therapists who see all the very sick patients, to the environmental services team who clean patient rooms, waiting rooms and hallways, to social workers who provide comfort to families of loved ones and whose workload increased even more with the new no visitor policy, to the medical supply crew who receive and distribute critical supplies throughout the hospital, to the IT team who is making sure the hospital operates. All these individuals play a critical role in ensuring that the hospital can respond to the growing number of patients walking through the doors during this pandemic.

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