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The Van Tiem's

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6 weeks ago John V had surgery to remove a fast moving cancer. The cancer returned almost immediately and began growing quickly, leaving the surgery wound unable to heal. As of Sunday March 14th John is moving to a hospice facility in Jackson . He has a few weeks to live. He will not be getting radiation treatment. He’s ready to be with the Lord. From Cindy: "He’s very immobile and is slowly bleeding inside the wound. He’s been getting blood transfusions regularly. It’s all hard to process but our Anchor holds." John and Cindy have helped so many people during their suffering. They run a prayer ministry for inner healing and have volunteered in countless ways during disaster relief. We want to love on this family during one of their hardest moments just as they have loved on others. Please join us in this endeavor. *Try to provide unprocessed food* :)

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