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Ruby-Beth & Taylor

Ruby-Beth & Taylor

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Thanks for donating some meals to make RB and Tay's transition to parenthood a little smoother. We appreciate all of you very much! Please drop off all meals on the front porch. Please don't knock on the door or stay for a visit. <3 For home-cooked meals, please note that Taylor is gluten- and dairy-free, and Ruby-Beth loves gluten and dairy, but is a Pescatarian. Beth-Ann is also a Pescatarian. This is essentially a riddle. Please reserve a lunch or dinner slot(s). Then either make something to drop off on that date/time or order something to be delivered to their front porch or donate cash/a gift card. If you don't know what to make/order, just volunteer for a slot and donate some $$ towards a meal or send a gift card for one of their fave local Atlanta restaurants. If you're buying a gift card, make sure the restaurant will deliver to them. If you're more comfortable using Venmo to make a donation for your meal, you can send it directly to Taylor (@taylor-grandchamp) or Ruby-Beth (@rubyb). Still have questions? Call JP at (501) 772-1889.


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