Meal Train for

Nancy and Lucas Magnelli


Thank you!

Posted Aug 20, 2022 by Nancy Magnelli

Thanks so much to all who have donated, made or bought and delivered a meal, sent a gift card, dropped things off, mailed cards, sent kind words of support, kept us in your prayers...took time out of your lives to benefit ours as we try to take things one hour at a time. We so appreciate your generosity, prayers, and support at such a difficult time. Lucas ' surgery 2 weeks ago went well despite a nasty pressure wound...and needing a new cast plus awful tasting antibiotics for a week. Chemo started too soon and we just finished cycle 7. It was hard after a couple weeks of seeing him look and feel better for the break from chemo before surgery. He has been in bed all weekend since chemo ended Friday. He's feeling pretty bad and it is so hard to watch him feel so sick and look so sad. He has 7 more brutal cycles to go taking us until the end of the year. September will be the hardest month being 15 days of chemo out of 30. Please keep praying for my beautiful boy and warrior Lucas! Thank you! xo


Thanks to all for signing up and those who have already delivered a meal!

Posted Jul 22, 2022 by Nancy Magnelli

We appreciate your generosity and kindness during such a stressful time for us. Lucas has upcoming major surgery on his leg 8/5 in Boston where he will be non wt bearing for over 3 months! If it is easier, I discovered a trader Joes very close to where we stay in Boston if it is easier to get gift cards from there vs. Making a meal. Just a thought as we appreciate and are truly grateful for all the support. It takes a village for sure. XOXO PS. Please keep praying for Lucas for a smooth surgery and complete remission.


Thank you

Posted May 1, 2022 by Nancy Magnelli

Thank you all who have donated, made meals and signed up for furture meals. We are very grateful to you all at this most difficult and devasating time of our lives. xo


Thank you so much for those of you who have signed up for meal train!

Posted Apr 24, 2022 by Nancy Magnelli

The chemo schedule is very daunting. We will need to be staying at Hasbro for several nights at a time for about 2 weeks or more out of every month. I will have my sister bringing meals up to the hospital as it will be a second home:( We are flexbile with the schedule and appreciate your kindness at this difficult time. I set up the days to stagger them right now for the next couple of months. Feel free to leave meals on the back deck if I am not home. TY!