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Rachel Terzak

Rachel Terzak

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Good morning everyone, surgery went well and the preliminary tests do not show any spread of cancer. 🙏🏻👍🏻🌸We are awaiting final results and a meeting with the oncologist next week to determine next steps. This could include chemo and/or oral medication the most common form is Tomoxifin. Three lymph nodes were removed for biopsy. That location is the most sore/painful, which is normal and to be expected. It does hurt. I have 4 drains in and a wound vac, the wound vac is rather bulky but should help me heal more quickly. The surgeons did have to place expanders which will need to be removed surgically and require a second operation in 3 to 6 months. It will be less invasive then this operation. 🌸 I went for a walk this morning after eating 4 eggs and some spinach, Jon is a good cook 💜 thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. Love, Rachel On 6/29/2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, this all happened very suddenly after all I am only 34 years old. I had genetic testing done two weeks prior that all came back negative so I was shocked to say the least. I almost did not go and get a mammogram but my "work mom" Chris Slattery encouraged me to go since I was having pain. I have elected the bi-lateral mastectomy as an aggressive treatment option, this means that my surgeon will remove both breasts and a plastic surgeon will then place implants in my body. Surgery will require drainage tubes that will come home with me from the hospital and stay in for 1-2 weeks. I will have limited mobility and need to purchase a recliner to sleep in as I will not be able to sleep flat during recovery. Recovery is 4 to 6 weeks minimum. I have an excellent team out of Cleveland Clinic, some of what I consider the best in the industry. This set of boobs is a little saggy from breast feeding twins anyways, on with the new set! Gavin and Dillon will be 3 in August so they are keeping me motivated every day, as is my belief in God and his plan for our family whatever that may be in the future. My surgery has been scheduled for 7/27/2020 at the Beachwood location.


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