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When the Coronavirus pandemic started around the world one of Compassion Outreach’s first concerns was our missionary partner families who serve in places where they may be at higher risk, have limited access to medical care or whose safety might be a concern as panic about the pandemic spread in their community. We encouraged them if it was possible to return home to Savannah and continue serving remotely until it was safe to return. This is a difficult time for all of us, but we know it’s especially challenging for these front line workers. Their families rely on the generosity of others and through the faithful giving of Compassion Christians to Outreach we were able to come alongside them to assist with their travel and provide housing. Now that they’re here we want to care for them well and provide meals as well! Two of these families were the Weeks. Travis & Emily along with their 3 children (Clare – 6, Charley – 4, Jude – 2) as well as Aaron & Morganne and their 3 children (Elijah – 6, Anna – 4, James – 2) returned from Ethiopia. Travis and Aaron are brothers and are the 3rd generation of their family to serve in the mission field. They continue to support the Ethiopian pastors and churches that they equip remotely. While they’re here would you help us love and encourage them well by providing a meal? While the Weeks would love to see you with an appropriately social distanced wave and greeting, please follow Meal Train’s best practices for “Contact-free” delivery: Place the meal or groceries on the porch. Ring the doorbell and walk away – ding, dong, ditch is currently socially acceptable! You can also call to let them know the delivery is available. If no one answers, contact the Meal Train organizer. You could also use a local restaurant to prepare and deliver the meal for you. You can use a service like Grubhub, DoorDash, or Postmates to arrange for meal delivery up to 1 week in advance, or contact the restaurant directly. Lastly, you could also send a Grubhub or restaurant/grocery gift card so they can place their own order for delivery from a restaurant of their choice. Of course if you’re not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please stay home and consider participating when you’re better!

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