Meal Train for

Jill Kinnaman


Thank you!

Posted 11/11/2017 by Jill Kinnaman

Hi Everyone- Thank you so much for your generous meals that you have provided to us during this crazy season. We are so blessed to have so many friends to help us out. I am just starting to work on writing thank you's (a little late- sorry!). But we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for you and the meals that have been provided over the past few months. I think we are ok for now with meals. Dave's mom has been in town and staying with Anni and Zack while Dave and I have been staying in LA- 60 miles closer to USC. I have a total of 33 radiation treatments and have completed 8 of them. 25 to go! The chemo is a pill that I take nightly. And thankfully I have not had any ill side effects from chemo or radiation. The dr. is happy with how the treatment is going and hopefully I will be finished mid December. Thanks again for all of your amazing meals- we so appreciate you! Love, Jill


Please call/text Emily before meal preparation

Posted 07/09/2017 by Darcie Ouerbacker

Hello, loving and caring friends of Jill. She is home again! Yay! It looks like she is planning to have the chemo/radiation plan begin in August. ( I will update the meal train as I know more information. Before you begin your meal preparation for your designated day, please check in with Emily via text/call so she can let you know how many family members are at home for that day. Emily's cell phone: 805-320-6540. Thank you for your prayers for Jill. Thank you so much! Darcie Ouerbacker 805-815-9534


Jill - tumor is grade 3 cancer- need to CANCEL July weekdays and switch to July and August WEEKENDS ONLY. EXCEPT August 13

Posted 06/21/2017 by Darcie Ouerbacker

Hello, generous, wonderful, caring, and kind friends. We need to make some changes on Jill's meal train... Dave has informed me that Jill's most recent doctor's visit (6/20) shows that Jill has a grade 3 tumor and that beginning the week of July 1 through August, Jill and family will be living in Los Angeles during the week so that she can receive radiation. They will return home on the weekends. Anyone who selected a July or August date, please switch to a WEEKEND date in July and AUGUST, except the weekends of August 13 and Aug 19 when they will be gone. GIFT CARDS would be very much appreciated and used, as they provide so much flexibility and the kids can use them easily. Another idea... maybe a few of you could go in together to offer house cleaning service.... Please, keep on PRAYING! Thank you so much! Blessings to you all, Darcie Ouerbacker