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A message from the Medrano Family

Posted 01/26/2020 by melody anderson

The message below is from the Medrano family to all of you who have supported them in so many ways.... "It's been 2 months without our Jazzy. 2 months of pain, heartache and longing for our sweet girl. These last few months have been the hardest days of our lives. Nothing feels right, our days are long and our house is quiet. It's taken us awhile to find the right words but we wanted to express how grateful we are for the incredible support that we have received. We are so overwhelmed with how our community has come together to be here with us. The Glendora community is truly a family. You all have felt our pain with us and your prayers and support have brought us comfort and given us hope. Seeing this community come together for our family has amazed us beyond words. We would like to thank you all for the meal train, the gofundme, the sympathy cards, all of your messages, your prayers and your company. Sometimes the silence is heaviest when alone, so we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to be here with us. Thank you to our family who have held us together. Days where we have fallen apart they have picked us up. To our amazing friends who may not know the right words to say but have just sat with us, prayed with us, letting us know that they will love us through this. We all feel that there is a purpose for this road we are on. There is no way we could do this on our own so we know that God is here with us carrying us through. Our faith has never been stronger. Even if sometimes we feel angry we just pray harder. Our faith is what has saved us. The fact of knowing that at the end of our days we will see Jazzy again is why we keep going. Our family is surviving. We all could choose to give up but we have all vowed to live our lives for Jazzy. To live the way she would have lived. Please always think of her. Show kindness to everyone. Help a stranger on the street or a child being bullied. Sing and dance on a whim. Pay it forward. Always be humble. LIVE LIKE JAZZY!! Think of her when you see a butterfly. And never be afraid to say her name to us. We have loved receiving pictures of our friends at her gravesite or messages of memories that you have of Jazzy. It's comforting to know how loved she was and still is. We are so honored that God chose us to be her family. She has taught us so much in her 9 years of life and we will do our best to honor her the way she deserves! This song always makes me think of her. Whenever I hear it I just want to get up and LIVE! LIVE FOR JAZZY! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts." The Medrano Family ❤🦋