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Karen Kurtz


Started Third Round of Chemo Today

Posted May 16, 2022 by Karen Kurtz

I started my third round of chemo today. For some reason I was vomiting this morning, something that has never happened to me before chemo. I made it thru okay. My blood work was mostly good. My red blood cell and hemoglobin count dropped just below the range, so I'm a little concerned that if it drops more, I will become anemic. That happened to me in 2018 when I went thru a clinical trial. For now, I am focusing on increasing foods that are high in iron. My biggest challenge right now is forcing myself to eat. I have very little appetite, but if I don't eat I get nauseated and weak. I lost another 5 lbs since my last round of chemo. I am exercising again, so that's good news. The other good news is that my CA125 (a marker of inflammation used as an indicator of residual ovarian cancer) dropped by 70% since week 1 (from 2,653 on April 1st to 788 on May 13). 35 or less is considered in remission, so I still have a ways to go, but at least its going in the right direction. Ariza is in her last week of school this week and happy about that. She will start Kids Kamp and a summer session of cheerleading in June. Thanks again for all of your love and support. It really helps to know Ariza and I are not in this alone. God bless you all.


Update Before 2nd Round of Chemo Begins

Posted Apr 24, 2022 by Karen Kurtz

Hi all, Tomorrow I begin my second round of chemo. I go for 5 days in a row, then get two weeks off. I made it thru the first round, which was preceded by 10 days of radiation. The radiation seems to have done its job of alleviating the pain and shrinking the tumor, but I don't know by how much. I lost 10 pounds in the two weeks after radiation. I am able to sleep much better and have started back exercising, but without the intensity I was able to do in Jan and Feb. My blood work looks a lot better this time too, probably because the impact of the radiation is waning. My main symptoms right now are nausea, weakness, tiredness, and fighting to make myself eat. Chemo and radiation tend to suppress the appetite. My hair is coming out in big clumps now. Ariza is hanging in there. She competed in the cheer leading regional competition this past Saturday. She doesn't like to talk about much. Right now, I just like to keep her close. One of the teachings that I remind Ariza of often is "your kindness is your greatness." Thank you all for your kindness and support. Ariza and I appreciate it so very much!