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Tepperman Family

About this Meal Train

Sunday, September 10th the Tepperman family tragically lost their son, Jared. Jared was only 21 years old and a graduate from Hauppauge School in 2014. Jared was fun loving and full of life he always had a grin on his face, loved his motor sports and will be greatly missed. He was the oldest of Annette and Alan's three boys. He has a brother Ben who graduated in 2017, who was a dominating force on the Hauppauge Wrestling team and is now attending Cortland. The youngest of the boys, James has just started high school, is in ninth grade and loves Basketball. The Tepperman's have always been a very active family in the community and have always been ready to help others. Many people have asked what they can do to help the Tepperman's get through their devastating loss. So, we are reaching out to our great Hauppauge Community who has always banned together to help those in need. Annette has asked for meals only two days a week and she has asked if we can start the food chain again for the Holder boys. They are basically on their own, have very little financial help and are desperately trying to make ends meet. Steven is away at Cortland but Dominick and Nicholas are still at home. Please see the link below to help the Holder boys as well. Please copy the link below to direct you to the Holder Boys Meal Train :


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