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Hope and Tom Sawchuk Family

Hope and Tom Sawchuk Family


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Tom had a heart attack late last night following a day at the lake. He collapsed with a friend at a restaurant. He was given CPR until the EMT arrived and transported him to North Ga Medical Center in Gainesville, GA. He was resuscitated twice until the heart began beating again. A Cath was done and they found a 30% block caused by a small "pimple" that burst and blocked. After 2 hours a successful stent was achieved. He has been in and out of consciousness. A coma has been induced to cool him down with ice for 24 hours. Tom's heart is beating independently and his vitals have been good through this process. The family is waiting as it will take a couple of days to slowly bring his body temperature back and assess all neurological soft signs. They will not know anything for the next couple of days so please reserve your phone calls to Hope as she is a bit overwhelmed at this time. Please feel free to post on Facebook as she can check that when she feels better. Thanks so much for your support during this time of need. God is good ALL THE TIME and prayers are greatly appreciated!


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