Jordan & Amanda Gerard Family

About this Meal Train page

Friends and Family of the Gerards, Jordan & Amanda announced their newest blessing, James Haddon Gerard, born August 13, 2020. I am setting up a meal train so we may bless them as they adjust and settle into caring for their new little blessing! If you would like to contribute but can’t bring a hot meal you can donate funds to help them with groceries, supplies, or send a gift card through this site so they can get a take out meal! If you want to bring a meal but are unable to make it to their house you can contact Kristina to arrange dropping it off at the church and she will make sure that they get it in time for dinner. If you decide to bring a meal just remember that it is to drop it off and it isn’t intended for a baby meet or visit! Having a new baby comes with its own set of challenges and we want to give the parents time to adjust and figure out their new schedules and routines. Any visits will have to be set outside of this site and directly with parents! With that said thank you so much for your generosity towards the Gerard family! Thanks, Kristina Logsdon

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