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UPDATE! Baby Sion is coming! Koroly will be heading to the hospital sometime today (Wed, Feb 8). She will be induced if sweet Sion chooses NOT to present himself. I have updated and added meal dates, so please take a look. If you feel like partnering with someone to make a meal, please feel free. If delivering the meal is a hardship, we are here to help, so please call on us, Karla or Emma, and we will "get 'er done." __________________________________________________________ Koroly is due February 1 with baby Sion Isaiah! We want to celebrate this beautiful life-giving event by organizing meals for this growing family. We have 3 options. Make and deliver the meal yourself Make the meal and one of our WWMIN drivers will deliver the meal Send a gift card for a restaurant and/or delivery service ie Grubhub, Doordash, etc. (You will see the GrubHub option at the top of this page, but other gift card options are to the left on your screen as you scroll down) God has blessed us, and so we bless them. Thank you for your generosity. Please contact Emma Cassanova for address and contact information: eg10dc@gmail.com or 470-642-6276

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