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New Dates are Added

Posted 10/07/2018 by Christi Marcinick

Hello, The calander has nee dates added to help the family with dinner. Please continue to share as even the smallest gesture is a huge help!!!


9/20/18 Update

Posted 09/21/2018 by Christi Marcinick

Chemotherapy drug starts today along with the dexamethasone. Her hematologist doesn't like her blood labs and decided to start her on it today. As any teenage girl would feel, she is tearful about her hair. So with that, if anyone knows where we can get the cutest head wraps and hats, please let me know. Also, Madeline has been moved to M50 floor room 11 for those of you asking. Thank you. -Tiffany via Facebook


UPDATE 9/18/18

Posted 09/19/2018 by Christi Marcinick

UPDATE: Madeline's preliminary bone marrow results show no leukemia (thank God). But they said she tested positive for a disease called HLH. HLH is a autoimmune disease. It's probably secondary to some type of infection which we are waiting still on those results (mono, Rocky Mountain, Lupus, Parvovirus, Lyme and West Nile). It's very confusing but hopefully it should be treatable. Unfortunately the treatment is very intense. They will be moving her tomorrow to the Hematology floor of Cleveland Clinic and starting her on a high dose of dexamethasone and possibly Etoposide (a cancer medication). This will be a 4-8 week treatment. Very very confusing and lots of questions. Please keep your continued prayers. Thank you.- Tiffany via Facebook


11pm update 9/17/18

Posted 09/18/2018 by Christi Marcinick

Thank you so so much everyone. We are having a hard time responding to everyone but we appreciate everything that everyone is doing for us. Please continue to pray. Madeline is having a bone marrow test done tomorrow and they are checking her for leukemia. I am asking and begging for prayers and maybe a pastor to come and anoint her tomorrow. Rick and I are so heartbroken and sickened by everything going on. Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers, especially for tomorrow. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.- Tiffany & Family via Facebook



Posted 09/17/2018 by Christi Marcinick

I don't have the strength to go into this any further, but Madeline is still at Cleveland Clinic and is now under the Pediatric Hematology Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplantation group. All the prayers in the world. -Tiffany via update on Facebook