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- 12/27, Lu had a pretty bad fall and we took a trip to the ER in NH where she had an x-ray and they told us she had a tibial plateau fracture. - 12/28, orthopedist in New Hampshire referred us to a pediatric orthopedic specialist upon our return to NY because of concerns that the injury was on the growth plate. Firmed up the temporary splint and confirmed that we didn't need to RUSH home. - 1/2, pediatric ortho corrected her diagnosis to a tibia spine fracture and casted her from her tushie to her toes in hot pink glitter befitting the diva that she is. She will likely be in the cast for 4-5 weeks and then be switched to a brace. Unfortunately, we still did not have a walker for her and he had no local resources for us so she was still completely immobile. He declined to sign off on a temp handicapped pass and so I left feeling a bit defeated and we BOTH had a rough evening. Getting the cast was physically taxing for her and having to physically carry her everywhere was taking its toll on me so we were exhausted and overwhelmed. - 1/4, walker made it (Thank GOD for Amazon Prime.) Game changer. She is slooooooooowwwww and not going any long distances, but she can make it from the couch to, say, the bathroom independently and that made a HUGE difference. - 1/6, noticed her eyes crossing at dinner. No headache or nausea and she was coherent so not HUGE alarm bells, but the fall was not SO long ago so we headed off to the ER where the doc and nurses confirmed that her eyes were definitely not moving properly and I wasn't hallucinating from exhaustion or something. CT scan was all clear so the determination was basically "just one of those things" - "Sometimes these symptoms can appear after a trauma and will resolve on their own." - 1/7, follow-up visits with the pediatrician and ophthalmologist who do NOT think this is "just one of those things." Each does a fair amount of neurologic screening and give me a laundry list of scary things it COULD be. Neither think it is nothing to worry about, and they believe it is coincidental - unrelated to her fall. Bright spot is that we got the temporary handicapped pass which makes taking her places a bit more manageable. We went for bloodwork and the results should be back in about 3 days. - 1/8, general consensus from the doctors is that this is something muscular and will require surgical intervention. We went for a verrrrrrrry long MRI to confirm it is not neurological. - 1/9, MRI is clear! No next steps yet, waiting for bloodwork. Back to school tomorrow for her birthday!

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