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As we know, Codie, Brie, and Cullem are being faced with a tough challenge. I know for certain that a lot of people care about them and feel compelled to do anything to help. The goal of organizing this site is to make their lives just slightly easier. For friends that live close, assistance might be needed with meals, donations, errands, childcare, dog walks, etc. For friends that live far, financial donations can be made through this website. Please use the donation function rather than the gift card function, as the gift card services are not available in their area. Further information about security can be found on the site as well. Following an organic and mostly plant-based diet at this time is very important to Codie and Brie. No tomatoes or sweet potatoes please :) They are open to chicken and lean meat but avoiding things like red meat and bacon. If preparing meals, please keep this and other oncology diet considerations in mind. As they travel and endure treatments, relieving a little stress and financial burden of meals allows the focus to stay on Codie’s wellness. I know we all believe in him to fight the good fight as the strong warrior that he is and beat this bitch called Cancer. Monetary donations will be used on delivery meals, groceries, or whatever other financial needs the family sees fit. Even nominal amounts add up. No donation is too small, and everything is so much appreciated by those that love these three most. Much love to all of you, and a most sincere thank you.

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