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Friends, we are so heartbroken, confused and hurting right now, and we know many of you are as well. Many are asking how they can help, so we wanted to give a few responses on here to what will really help right now. 1. Pray. Pray for peace, wisdom, and comfort as the family walks through this. 2. Gift cards are a huge help, either Visa, Kroger, or Amazon would be great (If you would like to help in this way you can either mail a gift card or send an e-gift card to DLMartin@anderson.edu) 3. Make a donation to Ava's 529 college plan (if you want to do this, reach out to Amy Eades through facebook messenger and she can arrange that) 4. Meal train for the family, sign-up to help make sure they aren't too overwhelmed and also don't eat the same thing for weeks on end, sign up here: https://mealtrain.com/54r0ry 5. Hear this with love, please no visitors at this time. There will be a time to visit, but right now is not the time. Last but not least, we are good on breast milk donations. Ava is so lucky to be so loved already. The family truly appreciates all the willingness to help. Know that each post, text, prayer, thought, is cherished, needed, and appreciated. Thank you for loving us well and walking through this with us. Please feel free to share this so the word travels quickly.

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