Waymakers Huntington Beach Youth Shelter

About this Meal Train page

While the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter remains open to meet the needs of vulnerable local youth, they have had to reduce their daily staff. They could really use our community’s support by providing daily dinners for the youth-in-residence and adults who care for them. Although the shelter is unable to accept volunteers to come in to cook at this time, they are able to accept “porch drop” deliveries of prepared meals from local vendors. Unfortunately, the Shelter can not accept home-cooked meals but can accept donations of sealed non-perishable items or store bought food such as rotisserie chicken, frozen lasagna, etc. You can also purchase and select delivery options from any of our local restaurants—especially those small businesses that are struggling to remain open during this precarious market. We appreciate all of your efforts in continuing the support of the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter and wish your families, and our community, much peace.

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