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Cyndi Young and Judy Mitzner

Cyndi Young and Judy Mitzner

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UPDATE: Cyndi's white blood cell count is very low so she cannot be exposed to the possibility of infection. She is very tired and still in a great deal of pain. There are no new, significant changes o the MRI but the radiation does not seem to have improved the tumor. Due to the pain, Cyndi's oncologist will be conferring with a back surgeon. She will be having more bloodwork today, 4/25, to check her white blood cell count again. Cyndi has been experiencing severe back pain, and after a few days in the hospital, she found out that it is a recurrence of cancer, metastasized into her bones. This means that Cyndi and Judy are going to need our support as they fight this battle. We are hoping to have meal coverage every other day, hopefully eating leftovers on the in between days.


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