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Meal Train for the Newtons move!

Posted 09/09/2019 by Julie Flynt

Please consider signing up to take a meal to the Newtons during the 1st week of their move into a new home! Please note that drop-off is at the church-Gilmour Hall kitchen. Nicole leaves at 5:00pm, so have it delivered before then if possible. Feel free to stop in and say "hi" to Nicole when you are dropping off. She is very appreciative of our efforts to help them during this week of transition!


Nicole Newtons new contact info

Posted 04/30/2019 by Julie Flynt

Just a heads up that Nicole officially started at First Pres this week! She has new contact info I wanted to share for meal delivery coordination. Her cell # is 910-620-2240. Thanks so much for taking her a meal!