Kendra Hicks

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Kendra Hicks is the progressive & thoughtful leader that we need representing us on the Boston City Council! Kendra is a proud first-generation Black Dominican woman, a mother, wife, artist and has lived in JP since 1990. Kendra also finished first (!) in the preliminary election for the D6 city council seat! As Kendra works to win over voters in JP and W. Roxbury, people like us (already won over!) can show up for her by bringing her & her son Zaire healthy, vegan meals. We can help ensure that Kendra stays focused, healthy & well-fed throughout the campaign and is ready to represent us post election. We don't want our dream candidate to burn out in the midst of the election! Please join Kendra's mealtrain where you can sign up to bring Kendra dinner! There are available dates through mid November and you can either drop off food at her S. Huntington apartment OR pay to have it delivered. If you want to purchase Kendra a GrubHub gift card, please send it to her email at Thank you!

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