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Alex’s family

Alex’s family

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I've started this meal train for my dear friend Alex and her 2 beautiful babies, Sean (4), & Mila (3), in an effort to take some of the daily workload off of her plate, and allow her some time to grieve. On February 8th, 2021, Alex and her children's lives were flipped upside down, when her long time partner, Sean and Mila's father, Robert Stanton (30), passed away. This has left 2 children without a father, and an amazing women/mother, who has already overcome so much, without Rob, and having to raise their 2 babies alone, without their dad. She left her job to be with her children during this time of tragedy, and as the days go on, the meals still need to be made, bills still need to be paid, food shopping still needs to be done, kids taken care of, the normal every day stuff that is so much harder when we are dealing with tragedy. Help me help give Alex, Sean, and Mila a little extra support during this time. Allowing them room to process, with a little less to worry about. Alex is left to guide not only herself, but her and Rob's 2 babies, through this new life that they couldn't ever have imagined. I'm asking for anyone to do whatever little extra you can do to help for the next couple of weeks A few things you could do, could be; sending a gift card, ordering and sending a take out delivery meal or 2, dropping off a few groceries, dropping off premade meals, preparing meals that are ready to cook However you can do it, would mean so much. Anything. Hot dogs and fries, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, premade chicken dinners - simple. Please reach out if you have any questions, & please share this.


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