SVDP First Place Family Center Annex

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Thank you for helping St. Paul Parish provide a full dinner meal to the First Place Family Center Annex every Thursday evening! The meal should include a main dish, side dishes if appropriate, and dessert. Beverages are optional. A team approach is encouraged - families, friends or parish groups can divide the meal in to parts so it doesn't land on one person. It is helpful if one person takes the lead to sign up for a date and coordinate the others in preparing the meal and getting it to the Annex. All meal items can be prepared in individual kitchens or purchased from the grocery store. The numbers stated below are ESTIMATES. Please contact Jackie Henshaw, YFS Community Engagement Coordinator, 458-221-0733 or 5 to 7 days before your date to confirm the number to cook for and ask about any dietary accommodations. Contact Joan Kerns, or 541-913-9269 with questions or concerns or ideas.

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