Numbers at the Annex

Posted Oct 4, 2021 by Joan Kerns

Good Morning! Thank you all so much for volunteering to serve families at the St. Vincent de Paul First Place Family Center Annex. We heard from Shyla, Kitchen Manager on Friday that their numbers have increased a bit. Currently we’ve been cooking for about 50…..35 adults and 15 children. We are planning to modify the numbers to 40 adults and 17 children…..an increase of 5 to 7 plates. Shyla shared that she serves between 40 to 55 plates everyday with 68 total residents. Not everyone eats dinner everyday and it varies widely due to lots of reasons and appetites are high! They are very efficient with using leftovers. Please let me know if this raises any concerns for your team. They are so grateful for all of our efforts. Be well and again, thank you so much!