Ben is doing better and appreciative of Fellowship

Posted Aug 1, 2022 by Fellowship Presbyterian

Following his surgery for fractured fibula and sprain ankle on July 25, Ben returned home for an anticipated 6-week recovery. Team Fellowship stepped up to assist with outpouring of meals and other assistance. He will have a follow-up evaluation with his surgeon on 8/9. Ben is deeply appreciative of God's love shown the support and care provided by the church. He is very grateful. I can hear it in his voice. "Love, and thanks very much!" We will continue to check in with Ben and see how he's doing, and evaluate need for meals. Our plan for 3 meals per week has been wonderful and more than enough.


Ben has left the surgical center

Posted Jul 25, 2022 by Fellowship Presbyterian

Ben's surgery is completed, and he is in good spirits (as per Yanique's visit). He is taken by his (out-of-town) brother for pharmacy errands, then home. Our plan to begin meals tomorrow is good. "ALL HANDS ON DECK:" Jeanine will call him Tuesday to see about his dinner palate and take enough for two meals. Then Lesa will plan to deliver mid-day meal on Thursday. Julie will take meal for Friday. Please call Ben to discuss meal, any needs. We're trying to ensure disposal dishes, paper plates and have waste bags so his dirty dishes aren't piled up. Judy Meyler threw in a load of laundry (not in his apartment). WHEN YOU GO TO HIS APT, it is closest to Battleground 112 - go upstairs, his apt. to the left and is unlocked so you can deliver meal. Easy access. He would love the company and conversation! If you have a book or magazine, you might offer that. Please let me or Yanique know if you notice any other needs he may have. In Christ love, Linda Ueland