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Alison Walton & Kids

Alison Walton & Kids

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Dear Friends, As you may know, Alison was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. The treatments are going to begin immediately and her doctors are confident that by then end she will be cured. Her goal is to be cured and it is now her mantra. In order to help her stay focused on her goal, we have decided to set up this meal train so that we can take a little off her plate (by filling her & the kids dinner plates). If you chose to participate, anything will be helpful. All we ask is that you leave the meals in disposable container so that dishes do not have to be returned. In addition, we have set up a donation link. If you chose to send a monetary donation, those funds will be used for either food shopping or restaurant gift cards. Our goal is to help Alison June, Eric and Izzy get through this difficult time with little hassle as possible. We will be updating the schedule as needed but in the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to email either Carol at or Jennifer at On behalf of Alison, June, Eric & Izzy, we thank you for your help. Alison WILL be cured and will get through this difficult time with the help and love from her friends. Thank you, Carol and Jennifer

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