Meal Train for

Kevin and Linda Goodall

Kevin and Linda Goodall

About this Meal Train

As many of you know, Linda has been off on medical leave from work at The Lighthouse for well over a month. She has been quite open that she is fighting mental health illness; bipolar and anxiety. She is getting treatment and overall is doing well. However, daily activities, such as preparing and cooking meals, are sometimes incredibly difficult for her to achieve. With three active teenagers in the home, it can be overwhelming. She is just going day by day, sometimes moment by moment, and enjoying the good days, and getting through the bad. Sometime over the next couple weeks, Linda will be going to Homewood Health Centre, a mental health and addiction centre, for an 8 week program. This personal investment in her health will help her manage her mental health, help her family, and help her thrive in our community (continuing to move The Lighthouse and Building Hope forward). Thankfully, the kids will be at summer camp some of the time she is away. Thank you to every prayer, meal, card, text, letter, etc that has been sent to Linda. She is overwhelmed with gratitude, as is her family. Praise God for such a loving, caring community.

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