Meal Train for

The Hawkins Family


Reactivating Meal Train

Posted 02/18/2017 by Michelle Neber

As many of you have recently learned, Cynthia lost her battle against cancer on Wednesday, February 16th. To assist the family during this time, I am reactivating the meal train for the next few weeks. If you are able to help, please check the calendar for available dates. Thank you all once again, Michelle


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 2017, Meal Train Friends!

Posted 12/20/2016 by Joe Hawkins

A big thank you from the Hawkins Family! You have been too good to us in 2016, and we are so grateful for your time, enthusiasm, and support. Very special thanks, love, and endless hugs for my amazing sister Michelle who has spent much time organizing this effort along with the AHUMC Lunch Bunch for ensuring a home-cooked meal every "chemo Thursday," as I call it. Volunteers at AHUMC spend each Thursday, as it happens, preparing meals as an outreach to area seniors, if any local friends would like to help with this program. Thank you church family for including us! I think we've finally reached a point in treatment and recovery that we're back to preparing easy meals with everyone in the family enjoying pitching in on their favorites again, so we will be closing this Meal Train down with so much gratitude for all you've done and all the ways your dinner contributions have helped us through each week these past few difficult months. Please visit our special holiday card drawn especially for you by Chloe Jane if you'd like to copy and paste the link to view it: We couldn't figure out another way to get this to you :) Enjoy your holiday with your loved ones and all the best in 2017! Sincerely, Joe, Cynthia, Hannah, and Chloe Jane PS: Interested in that AHUMC Lunch Bunch Outreach Program? Here's some info at this link for you:


Meal Trains

Posted 11/07/2016 by Michelle Neber

Thank you all so much for your support for the Hawkins family. We have scaled back the days of the meal trains to some Mondays and most Thursdays. Their church is covering all of the Thursdays on the calendar, but if you are able to assist on Mondays, that would be GREATLY appreciated. As many of you know for her Go Fund Me Campaign, Cynthia is wheelchair bound and must be as inactive as possible, until her blood clot has dissolved. Joe has done a GREAT job of managing the household, cooking meals, and working full time, but I know that he could probably use an additional break or two! Thank you! Michelle


Chemo Thursdays!

Posted 10/13/2016 by Michelle Neber

Adding additional dates to calendar in November to assist with Cynthia's chemo days. Looking for volunteers for Thursdays and Fridays. Thank you!


Update - Cynthia in hospital

Posted 09/29/2016 by Michelle Neber

All, We had a turn of events today, so your help is needed more than ever. Cynthia fell and broke her leg while she was leaving her chemotherapy treatment today. She is now in the hospital and is scheduled for surgery in the morning. She will be immobile for quite some time. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers, and if you are able, assistance with meals would be so greatly appreciated. Sincere thanks, Michelle


Meal Train for Cynthia Hawkins

Posted 09/29/2016 by Michelle Neber

All, As many of you know, Cynthia recently learned that her cancer has metastasized to her brain and her bones. She begins chemotherapy treatments today to reduce and eliminate these newest tumors. This treatment, while promising, also causes extreme fatigue and anemia. We are circulating this meal train, in hopes that some of you might be able to assist with meals for the family once again. Thank you all, MIchelle