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Rod's House Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter

Rod's House Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter

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Mission: Rod's House builds authentic connections with young people, supports them in feeling respected and secure in who they are, empowers them to reach their full potential, and positively connects them to the community. Vision: Rod's House envisions an END to youth homelessness in the Yakima Valley. To break the cycle of homelessness we will engage volunteers, donors, and the community to ensure young people's basic human needs are met and that they have a safe, stable home; permanent, positive connections; meaningful education and employment opportunities; behavioral and physical healthcare; and supports that reinforce their individual abilities. This winter our Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter will serve young adults in Yakima from November 1st-March 31st, the coldest months of the year. Each night as young people check-in to shelter they will receive a hot meal - can you provide dinner for a night?

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