Diet Update!

Posted Feb 28, 2019 by Ruchama Uza

This community has been amazing at planning meals for the Uzan family. It’s my pleasure to help you with any recipe questions. David is on the road to recovery, which is amazing! With a new healthy kidney, David’s diet restrictions have reduced and he is ready to eat all the foods he has missed in the past. His diet is High Fiber, High Protein, Low Sugar, No added Salt. There are no longer any restrictions on fruits and vegetables except for grapefruit. Food safety is key in recover so there is no raw meat or fish allowed. There are no changes to Nadav diet. You can continue to reach out to me with any recipe questions. In summary: No grapefruit No raw meat or fish No added salt No added sugar (sugar intake needs to low during recovery time) Kind regards, Keren Reiser 613-858-0398 Kerenreiser@gmail.com


Recipe and Diet Restriction Support for the Uzan mealtrain

Posted Feb 5, 2019 by Ruchama Uza

Recipe and Diet Restriction Support for the Uzan and Zuker Meal train. Last year, my family was the recipient of Ten Yad meals and a meal train during a tough time in our life. It was amazing to be taken care of by our community during that time. Meal Trains are wonderful but sometimes they can be stressful for the giver as well as the recipient when the family has dietary restrictions. I am a registered Dietitian and want to offer my support for the meals being sent to the Uzan and Zuker family. With this type of surgery, there will likely be dietary restrictions for both of them post surgery. I want to let you know that I am available for any questions, recipe tweaks or advice. Please email me or call if you have any questions. Kind regards, Keren kerenreiser@gmail.com 613-858-0398