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Hello all, My name is Eva Bolin. I had a meal train organized for me by a dear friend of mine that found out about a wrist surgery I just had on the 17th. I found out not too long ago I had Keinbock's Disease, which basically means one of my bones was slowly dying due to lack of blood flow throughout, which in turn made me have excruciating pain in my wrist. I went to the doctor on multiple occasions and finally within the last few months they were able to give me a proper diagnosis as to why I had been in so much pain for quite a few years. Unfortunately, it was not caught in time to potentially reverse the effects it ended up causing me. So, my doctor and I decided the best option to hopefully resolve my discomfort was to have one of the bones that connect to my wrist taken out. Now that I have finally had my surgery I will have to be in a cast for the next 6 weeks and hopefully not much longer. Until then, I am unable to have mobility or use of my hand until they take my cast off, so any kind of help such as this meal train my friend set up for me would be hugely appreciated. I do have my daughter here who helps me, but she does work away from home which does leave me to do day to day things on my own for a majority of the day. She and I are both very greatfull for any and all help from any of you. In return, hopefully after I have recovered I will be able to pay it forward by helping any of you in some way, if for any reason you are in need. Thank you so much, my daughter and I are blessed to have people like you in our lives. If for any reason you may need to contact me about the meal train or need information you can send a message to my email.


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