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We are all so very excited to celebrate the long awaited arrival of Lucy Howell Tate! Ethan and Tricia are so happy for the overwhelming offers for support from their friends. I have organized this meal train so that we can make sure we don’t overwhelm them with our visits and help. Please read the details carefully, and THANK YOU!! (One time slot per person/couple for now, I will open more depending on how Tricia and Ethan are feeling after a couple of weeks) Please make every effort to keep your day that you sign up for, and give as much notice as possible if you can’t make it so that Tricia and Ethan can make other plans. Non-meal-bearing visitors are also welcome at anytime, as are invites to get out of the house. Just please shoot a text a little ahead of time to see if the timing is good. Please don't be offended if they say "not right now." It's not you. Please do not come if you are sick or recovering from illness within the past week, they will understand! Kids are welcome, too, but only if they have been vaccinated. Finally, please text Ethan (434-953-5266) the day-of to solidify a time and make sure they are still good to go for that day! It would also be helpful to ask if they need anything from the store on your way over, to save them a trip themselves :-)

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