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Edgerley Family

Edgerley Family

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Hello, Team Edge! Wow-from the first ask, you have been amazing. Thank you to everyone. Every dish you prepared was so appreciated! You were all so generous with your time and cooking talents. Thank you for being prompt with dinner and often times including a sweet and encouraging card. This has meant the world to the Edges and truly has been a daily comfort. Michelle has mentioned that she isnt sure if she wants to continue with the meal train, NOT because they dont appreciate it or need it, but because she is Michelle and doesn't want to inconvenience any of you. She suggested we end the meal train at the end of April, but as we talked more I realized they really depend on it and it makes their day to day a little easier. So, Michelle and I compromised and went to two days in May. A huge supporter of Team Edge had a great idea-what if we (Team Edge) supporters, covered a food service like Hello, Fresh! or something similar for the month of June. This supporter doesnt live close enough to prepare a meal and thought others might be in the same situation. Or, maybe people who are close would still like to show their love, but summer can be a bit tricky. So, for June, I'd like to propose something different than the meal train, but still be able to help with dinners. For the next three weeks, I will be collecting monetary donations. All the money received will go directly to some in home food service for the month of June. This is what I ask, you are welcome to send me a check or give me money. During the first week of June I will set up an in home food service for as long as the money goes. I will let Team Edge supporters know how much we received and what I order for the Edges. If you want to include a note of support, I will put all the notes in an envelope and deliver to the Edges. My email is Please email me with any questions or to get my address. If you have an in home food service provider that you love or have a coupon or trial, please email me. As always, thank you for your ongoing support. I hope this email is encouraging to you-knowing you are making life a bit brighter and making a family of five feel loved, remembered, supported and well fed! Love to you all! Tracey

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