Meal Train Plus for

Larsen Family


***IMPORTANT Changes***Meals for the Larsen Family

Posted 06/15/2018 by Nick Thomas

Hi everyone! First Thank you sooooo much for your love and support of Rhetts family! I just received phone calls from both Rhetts parents and Kristin who are truly blown away with your support. Rhetts parents would like to cancel meals as their extended family are leaving this weekend. It will only be the two of them and while they absolutely love the meals they do not want them anymore. Kristin will be gone from Sunday the 17th until Saturday the 23rd. Those of you who are signed up for the 16th, 18th , 20th and 22nd are off the hook. Please do not bring your meals. Call me with any questions. ~Nick 541-550-6433


Meals added/changed

Posted 06/08/2018 by Nick Thomas

Hi All, First thank you sooooo much for this meal train! I am blown away by the support! The Larsen family changed their minds and added three additional meals. Check the calendar and see if you want to alter your plans. Let me know. Thanks! ~Nick 541-550-6433