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The Richardson Family

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UPDATED: This meal train is to help provide support for the Richardson Family while they focus on their daughter, Keyona, who is currently being treated in the ICU for Flu/Pnemonia complications. She is officially off the ECMO life support machine and ventilator. She was using these machines for a full week. Keyona is 10 years old and in 5th grade. However, there is still healing time ahead. Mom and Dad have their plates full, so this will allow them to be fully nourished while they take care of their baby girl. Big Brother Jaxon is 11 years old and loves his baby sister and misses having her at home. If you feel it in your heart and spirit to help out, you can provide a meal, a gift card, or a prayer. Keyona loves stuffed animals, fuzzy socks and nail polish. Jaxon loves sports and candy! You can also email eGift cards through Amazon! Email: With love and appreciation, thank you for supporting this amazing family! Feel free to send questions my way. I will try my best to get them answered! God Bless you all!


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