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The Hutchings Family

The Hutchings Family

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The Hutchings are a family of 8. Five of the 6 children still live at home. The family eats a lot of really healthy food! In 2015, Greg (husband and dad) was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Immediately, the family instituted hardcore lifestyle changes to promote wellness. A plant-based diet was adopted, and an excess of 230 pounds has been lost between family members. Cleaning and hygiene products used in the home were changed to eliminate as many environmental toxins as possible. Exercise became a top priority. Juices and smoothies are part of morning routines. Nutritional supplements are used daily. Wellness is a focus in this family. Summer of 2017 presented some challenges: Greg was in the hospital twice due to complications from melanoma. Cheryl (wife and mom) had a breast lump removed in August and was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. In fact, Greg came home from the hospital on August 9. Cheryl had surgery on August 10 (additional testing showed no evidence of metastasis -- so incredibly thankful!). Cheryl started treatment on November 1. While Greg is back to work, he is still regaining full strength. Sitting down together at the dinner table is important in the Hutchings family. They will need help keeping healthy meals on the dinner table during Cheryl's treatment -- meals that will foster the healing process for Cheryl and Greg, and keep the whole family thriving. There are 3 ways to help: 1) Select a date and make a plant-based meal for the family. 2) Contact Sheri: for a link to donate supply money, and a member of our community will make and deliver a meal. 3) Donate directly to the Hutchings family via the fundraising link. Thank you in advance for your time, support, and love. The Hutchings family plans to give back to this amazing community of caring people after the healing journey is completed. With love and sunshine, The Hutchings Family


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