Mike & Michelle Myers

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On June 18th, Mike was rushed to Hershey due to a complication with a knee replacement and severe infection. He will be down for the next 6 months to recover from the infection so they are able to re-do his knee replacement for the third time. Michelle will have shoulder surgery on July 20th. This will add another 6-9 months for recovery. June 25th, their daughter Mallory was involved in a motorcycle accident and was rushed to York hospital. While her life was spared, she did lose her foot. This family has been pounded with medical complications lately and the repercussions are heavy. If you know Mike and Michelle Myers, you know they give freely to others with not one expectation of anything in return. Now is the time we can join together as a community and help this family navigate life during this really difficult time. They are open to receive food, gift cards, and cash. These areas will be difficult for them as their disability pay is not equal to their actual pay. Please pray over them and help in anyway you are led. They are so grateful for any help.

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