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The Belo Family

About this Meal Train

Danjela had been complaining of a headache all day and had some vomiting throughout the day. Her headache would range from mild to very severe. Early in the afternoon, she seemed herself and they just assumed that she was experiencing a migraine. Around 6pm, it started back up again and she didn't eat dinner. A half hour later, she started screaming that her head hurt so bad. So they went into the ER. They gave Danjela a CT scan and they discovered that she had a large mass on her brain. Danjela was air lifted to children's hospital for an emergency surgery to relieve some of the pressure on her brain. They surgery went well and they decided to go in and attempt removal of the tumor. The surgeons were able to remove most of the tumor but there is still some remaining. At this point the family is unsure of what this means for Danjela and what treatments she may need in the future. After lab results have come in, it was determined that Danjela has brain cancer. We are asking for your support through August to help alleviate stress while Danjela receives chemo and radiation.


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