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How's our Billy?

Posted Sep 29, 2016 by Stephanie Sherratt

As of today, its been 27 days in the hospital for Bill. He is getting cabin fever and wants to GO HOME! Each day is a concession of nurses and doctors checking on him, taking blood, giving platelets and his medications. We are hoping to hear soon when he can go home. After that, he will start treatment from home. He will go five days a week, for eight months. He knows it will not be easy, but is grateful to leave the hospital. Fingers Crossed Bill will be out by the end of next week, if all goes well. A bone marrow biopsy and platelet count will determine all of that. We are hoping for the very best. Thank you again to everyone who has been full of love and support. It means so much. We are so blessed! Stephanie


One week down

Posted Sep 18, 2016 by Alison Tanzer

It has been one week since we notified everyone of Bills diagnosis and we have been overwhelmed with how much support we have received from friends and family. People from all over the country and as far back as Bills childhood friends have sent loving messages offering to help in anyway they can. Bill and Steph have seen all of the messages and loved every single one of them. Personally I have loved the stories of customers from Safeway saying how much they always look forward to seeing Bill at work. I don't think Bill realized how many people he affected daily with his smiler and always chipper attitude. I know you all want an update on his condition and here it is. Bill feels much better, aside from being bored, but there is still a constant battle to keep his platelet count up and I stable. The doctors are monitoring him daily to make sure he is not exposed to any type of illness or infection so treatment can continue. I will post another update later this week after Steph meets with Bill's medical team. Thank you again to everyone for all your support! Ali